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Here are a few accessories that I can’t do without and whose very low weight has only a moderate impact on my total load.

Before telling you about it, however, I can’t resist telling you an anecdote, which shows that even if I’m a bit advanced in my ultralight approach, I still have a lot of room for improvement.

This is it.

Diogenes, already walking very lightly, arrived one day at a fountain. A child was drinking from it with his hands, joined together in a cup. A revelation! Our philosopher immediately threw away his wooden cup, delighted to be rid of what now seemed to be an accessory.

Furiously ultralight spirit, isn’t it? I’m going to read the Cynics again. But in the meantime, let me introduce you to my

Magic bowl

49 grams with its pouch.

It has a capacity of 10 litres and is self-supporting. I use it mainly to wash my clothes by soaking them, but I also use it for washing, sometimes, when the access to the stream is not easy or when I have pitched my tent a little far from a lake.

I know that some subscribers to the randonner-léger forum, discovering it, would ostensibly raise their eyes to heaven.

I find it indispensable, even in a hotel. Most washbasins do not have a drain or the drain is not watertight: it is impossible to maintain a correct water level. When I show it on diving boats, during cruises, it always arouses amused but interested enthusiasm.

Well, I know: Diogenes would not have washed himself. I know.

Complements of modernity

They help me out and I can’t do without them either.

I tested several brands of external batteries: Anker makes by far the best performing ones, in terms of charging time, recharging and reliability. The one in black on the right of the accessories weighs 120 grams including the cover, for a capacity of 5200 mAh which allows me to charge my phone twice. Translated into autonomy, this gives me almost a week, rationing the use of the phone thanks to the aeroplane mode if I can’t access the power. One last detail: this battery costs only 12 euros. Yes, it does.

The (French, USB) plug is used to charge my phone as well as the portable battery; the latter is used with the black cord, the white one being the one for the Iphone. I store all three accessories in a briefcase pocket of negligible weight. Since the photo, I have replaced this single white plug with a double USB plug that allows you to connect two devices at the same time. 40 grams, 13 euros, very practical.

Waterproof phone case

To protect my smartphone, which I also use as a camera, computer terminal and GPS, I opted for a waterproof case from Lifeproof. Not just waterproof: really waterproof, including immersion to six metres.

It is also light, unbreakable and thin.

Yes, there too, I know, Diogenes, etc.


For a while, I didn’t take one. The integrated lamp on the phone would do the trick, I thought, but I found it really impractical. So I put my little Petzl Tikka back in the bag, for an extra 80 grams. With a rechargeable battery instead of batteries, which I can connect to my external battery with the same cord as the rest.

I have one last accessory to present to you, but I’ll let you discover it here: my secret for fighting rain.

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